Simpello couples proximity innovation with real-time cloud computing to deliver surprisingly simple and personalized customer experiences.


Simpello couples proximity innovation with real-time cloud computing to deliver surprisingly simple and personalized customer experiences.

The challenge

The customer had a good vision of the product, but needed an experienced and flexible team to turn it into an actual product to market. From a few sketches, we went on to conceptualize, design and build a system that would provide a connected experience for users to be identified and on-boarded within 1 second at any commercial, retail or business location for a personalized experience.
We took the time to listen to the customer by scheduling collaboration sessions early on while providing a framework and expertise to further define the vision, the product and the roadmap to launch and success.
This project meant taking a simple idea (identify anyone hands-free and instantly in a secure “hello zone”) through various stages and disciplines, including the design of the hardware solution, the communication protocol, the APIs to communicate securely over the internet and Bluetooth, and many other novel aspects such as locating one or more phones in proximity of the sensor.
We had to coordinate resources from various partners in 3 different countries (USA, Canada, Poland) and keep the project on track and on time with an efficient process, management and communication tools.

The new way to interact with your costumers.

The scope

Design, architect and develop the entire system

Write the system specifications to make sure that it meets the customer requirements in terms of quality, performance and security

Manage the hardware, firmware and software resources and roadmaps

Write the specifications for the proprietary communication (BLE/USB), performance and security protocols

Design, build, test and deliver the iOS & Android mobile apps

Distribute beta builds and publish the apps to the App Stores

Provide assistance with new integrations, system customization and early customer

The technologies

Custom micro-proximity communication protocol design & implementation (Bluetooth 4.X)

Cloud system & APIs (Django / Python, AWS / SQS / SES / Elastic, PostgreSQL, Docker

Server architecture

Load balancing and server scalability

Firmware development with Nordic Semi nRF52 series SDK

iBeacon detection & Automatic app wake-up on iOS & Android

iOS & Android native (Objective-C / Swift, Java)

Core Bluetooth / Android Bluetooth

Proprietary algorithms to achieve precision and speed of connections

Firmware design and implementation

Integration between sensor and multiple mobile devices

The solution

A fully custom built system that is designed for speed, scalability, security, simplicity and maintainability.
The user experience is frictionless, smooth and secure: users and customers can on-board easily and rapidly. Security is important but should not get in the way of a great experience and user satisfaction.

The final result is a system that allows any 3rd party system to plug & play the Simpello technology and get an instant upgrade of their product to a true touchless solution.

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