We are listening

We are always excited to hear about new projects and ideas.

Our work is our passion, however we are very much aware that all this is made possible by our clients’ vision of a better future.
We can’t wait to listen to your next project and innovative ideas.

We provide tailor-made iOS & Android apps as well as server-side development for the Mobile Backend.
We are located in the Montreal Greater Area and serve customers from around the World.
We build Mobile Apps and Mobile Backends

Our services

Amazing Experiences
We do more than just Mobile Apps. We build amazing Mobile App Experiences, including Backend Services and Web solutions. Every App has specific needs. Our team knows how to chose and build the right backend infrastructure so that you don’t have to worry about scalability and performance issues as your products drives more usage.
Tailor-made Solutions
To innovate, new technics and solutions need to be used. We have learned that the key to success is to first listen carefully, make a plan, then tailor setup the development process and resources. This ensures the right expertise and tools are deployed and used during the project.
Free Consultation
It is difficult enough to find a company that can build your product with confidence, so we made sure you can get access to our team & expertise without any further delays. New clients get a consultation of 30 minutes, free of charge (no strings attached), to help them determine if our company is the right fit.
Cost Efficiency
Using our services, you will quickly notice how much we value time and money as well as efficiency and results. Even the smallest service is bundled with our expertise and in-house toolset. Our mission is to increase the value of everything that crosses our doorstep.
This is the foundation of the user experience. A great design will make a great product. Each product should be designed with great care and attention to details while keeping the final user experience in mind.
Our team often likes to remind itself of the ten principles for good design: https://www.vitsoe.com/us/about/good-design
Development from a customer perspective is considered effective through timely product iterations. Our development process is centered around quality of engineering and continuous deployment. The design team is usually very close to this process to better understand the final product.
Monitoring & Analytics
It is vital for an app to be monitored once it is deployed to the public. Any app will eventually encounter a crash, a bug, or a generic problem. This can be detected and addressed before it affects more users. Analytics are on the positive side: they help understand potential user needs and future requirements.
Quality Assurance
Our code goes through various validations and tests, including integration, field and stress testing with hardware in the case of software & hardware projects. Our passion is not a secret: We love creating the best user experiences, and we are very creative at getting there.

Team of Experts

High Efficiency

Every project has its own unique challenges. Our team of experts combine a wide range of specialties, expertise and experience in many areas,
allowing your project to benefit from the very best resources on the market without any additional effort or research.

Our team is mainly located in Canada. We’ve also teamed up with experts from U.S.A., Europe and Australia.
Some are travelling around the world and getting inspired by other experts at conferences & events by top industry leaders.

Our Expertise

Connecting Things

Our company’s recent focus has been to integrate the little “things” using RF wireless technologies to create
new and seamless experiences between our digital and physical world

Some of these integrations have required extensive use of the following technologies and specialties:
Bluetooth Low Energy & RFID, Encryption, Push Notifications, Video Streaming, iOS & Android Backgrounding, Communication specifications, API design, Database design

Top Technologies

iOS | Android | Amazon Fire | Apple TV | Real-Time Networks | BLE | RFID | GPS

The trends in technology highly influence our top services quarter by quarter. Take December 2016: Bluetooth 5 was just announced officially and every company evolving in the Internet Of Things wanted to benefit from the new capabilities. At that point, we have been highly solicited to work on the next generation of their product, even though consumer products would only be available at best in the next 2 to 6 months. Some services have consistently made it to the top and are meant to stay due to their intrinsic relationship with the user experience.