Case Study: BillMaster

The new way to eat out at restaurants.


No more paper. No more waiting.


BillMaster is a startup that wants to revolutionize the restaurant experience. They had a clear vision of their product but needed expertise and guidance in the process of designing & engineering a robust system and a VIP user experience.


  • Digital bills (in real-time)

  • Automatic checkin process

  • Secure mobile bill payments

  • Fast and scalable backend system to support many integrations and real-time features

  • An innovative loyalty system

  • Branding

  • Concepts and prototypes

  • Website and mobile app designs

  • Mobile apps for iOS & Android


  • Provide guidance and support for the product and market validation

  • Accompany the startup in its early stage to ensure efficient use of limited funds and increase chances of early success and customer traction

  • Design, architect and develop the entire system

  • Write the system specifications to make sure that it meets the customer requirements in terms of quality, performance and security

  • Select and provision the sensors required for the automatic checkin and checkout process

  • Write and implement the communication and security protocols¬†

  • Design, build, test and deliver the iOS & Android mobile apps

  • Distribute beta builds and publish the apps to the App Stores

  • Provide support with the new integrations, partnerships, system customization and early customers


  • python + Flask

  • docker-compose

  • MongoDB

  • Google Cloud Engine

  • InVision and Figma

  • iOS SDK & Android Kotlin native development


We started by looking at the industry and working hand-in-hand with the startup to build a strategy that will help them validate their concept and further refine their vision of the product. We knew this would require careful, agile and expert design, development and delivery to be successful. We started by providing a distinctive branding, fast concepts and iterative prototypes to help them start generating interest and build their business.

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