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We Build High Quality, High Performance Apps

Our Company believes Apps should be built to last and perform well over time. Apps will always require maintenance, updates, fixes and sometimes even refactoring but initially, Apps need to be built on a solid foundation, using solid architectural principles and with performance and security in mind.

Our Offices in St-Hyacinthe, Quebec

Too often, apps take weeks, months to build but very quickly, their user base falls due to instabilities, crashes, performance issues, lack of good user experience etc. All things your app will want to avoid.

We care very much about making a positive and lasting impact on the future of mobility and apps by ensuring that our apps and code pieces are built on the foundation of solid architectural principles, market-validated ideas and a clear vision and mission to make the world a better place to work and live.

From our experience, apps are often abandoned because there was no real product launch plan, or the app did not get enough marketing and/or promotion pre-launch. People cannot know about your product if it’s not promoted or announced clearly and ahead of the launch.

Yamm Software provides a clear planning and estimation for your project so that your business can plan its product launch with confidence and create the proper momentum your users deserve.

The Future is Mobile.

How it all started.

On March 6, 2008, Apple released the 1st iPhone Software Development Kit opening the door to any business to develop their own mobile applications for their business or their customers. (http://www.apple.com/pr/library/2008/03/06Apple-Announces-iPhone-2-0-Software-Beta.html)

Steve Jobs, chief executive officer of Apple Inc., speaks in front of a projection of the iPhone 2.0 during the company’s Worldwide Developers’ Conference 2008 in San Francisco, California, Monday, June 9, 2008. Photographer: Tony Avelar/Bloomberg News

In July 2011, soon after Smartphones outsold PCs, Yamm Software was born with the mission to help clients grow their business through mobile technologies.
Since then, Yamm Software has partnered with clients from around the world and published tens of iOS & Android apps powered by Real-Time Networks, RF & Bluetooth Wireless technologies, Indoor location, Proximity sensors, Big Data Analytics, Advanced Encryption technics, as well as deep integrations with Hardware from large manufacturers.

Along the way, Yamm Software has done Software Testing Automation using a programmable train circuit to run advanced integration and stress tests on hardware and software components (multi-point BLE authentication with phone and locks) which resulted in several significant product improvements in terms of reliability, speed, power consumption, monitoring and ultimately, a much better user experience.

As of 2017, Yamm Software is focusing on Internet-of-Things (IoT) products & helping IoT startups increase the quality, user experience and security of their products.

Forbes predicts that:

“Hardware will continue to expand, but again, companies that only provide single or very narrow solutions will get swallowed up or disappear altogether, depending on the quality and security of their products.”

Every company should validate their product and it’s quality and security before it’s too late.