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Why work with us?

Our company believes apps should be built to last and perform well over time. Apps and systems will always require maintenance, updates, fixes and sometimes even refactoring but initially, apps need to be built on a solid foundation, using solid architectural principles and with performance and security in mind.

Too often, apps take weeks or even months to build but very quickly, their user base falls due to instabilities, crashes, performance issues, lack of good user experience etc. All things your app will want to avoid.

We care very much about making a positive and lasting impact on the future of mobility and apps by ensuring that our apps and code pieces are built on the foundation of solid architectural principles, market-validated ideas and a clear vision and mission to make the world a better place to work and live.

Our Latest Projects

BillMaster: A New Way To Eat Out

BillMaster was created to help restaurant owners increase their revenue and profit margin by creating more customer engagement through the loyalty system and by accelerating table turning through a hands free, digital payment system.

Simpello: Smarter, Touchless Transactions

Simpello helps creating new & modern experiences for guests and staff that couples proximity innovation with real-time cloud analytics, enabling a richer, more modern experience.


Mobile Technologies

iOS Native

Android Native

Hybrid Apps

Whether you’re looking for a single mobile app developer to build a native or hybrid mobile app, or a full development team to take your idea and bring it to life, we’re here to help you realize that brilliant idea. Your product will benefit from the best expertise and have a competitive advantage at its foundation.

We’ll help advise you on the most important questions, like should you build your app in native code (Swift/Java) or can you find efficiency through one of our favorite mobile app development approaches – React Native? Flutter? The final choice is yours.

Our team will also walk you through the concept, branding, design, marketing, testing, deployment and maintenance process in order to make your app solid and highly performant with a great user experience and a successful launch.

Android Mobile App Development

Android operates on an open source ecosystemThis allows for tons of modifications as well as lots of functionality. You can get Android’s source code for free and port it to your app’s hardware which means you won’t have to jump through as many hoops to develop your app on the Android system because there are less restrictions.

iOS Mobile App Development

The advantage to developing your app on a closed ecosystem like Apple’s means that there’s more control and stability. But with that said, there will be more restrictions for the developer.

From the user perspective, purchasing a device that operates on a closed ecosystem means that it will have a higher price point. So in general, Apple devices are more expensive than Android devices. This gives you some more insight about the user base for this platform.


Apple Pay / Google Pay

The two most popular cardless payment systems on the market!

Credit Cards / Secure Payments

Want to sell products or services through your app? No problem, working with us your app can process transactions with any credit card.


An Application Programming Interface (API) is a tool set that programmers can use in helping them create software.

Push Notifications

Push notifications are a great way to get more engagement out of your app’s clientele. We work along side marketing teams to build the most effective push notifications.


Auto-scaling is a way to automatically scale up or down the number of compute resources that are being allocated to your application based on its needs at any given time. 


Bluetooth is a technology that offers many unique oportunities for app developers. This modern wireless standard for exchanging data between fixed and mobile devices is becoming more and more part of our lives and any new app  coming on the market should leverage this technology to it’s full potential.


NFC is a newer technology than Bluetooth, though the technology used is older. It sends radio waves using RFID (Radio-frequency Identification). NFC improves it by sending data in both directions instead of only one way like the original technology.

A drawback of NFC is that you can only use it when the devices are within ten centimeters of each other. The close proximity of the devices makes the transfer less prone to interference.

We Make Your Project A Success

UX/UI Design

All projects start with our product design team. With your idea, your vision and your collaboration, we will build concepts, prototypes, UI and UX designs, review and iterate. Good design takes time.

Quality Assurance

Our quality assurance (QA) team verifies that developed functionalities meets business objectives, approved specifications and ensures that code is stable and bug free by applying manual and automated testing. Some apps may require more testing than others, however there are standard testing procedures to ensure a standard level of quality and user experience.

QA is mandatory for every project that we take on.

Project Management

Our dedicated project managers make sure all your expectations and requirements are met, surpervise your team’s performance and make sur the project is delivered on schedule.

Product Launch

We will not only build the app and make it robust, we will also lead you through the final, most exciting step: Launching your new app successfully. We optionally provide app, user and performance monitoring, maintenance, bug fixes, security and compatibility updates at an affordable cost to help you grow without the risk of exhausting your resources.

We care deeply about the long-term success of your app.

The advantages of choosing Yamm Software to develop your mobile app


  • Active Project Management
    A project manager will be assigned from day 1. Together and with the rest of the team, we will gather and analyse the requirements, build and provide specifications for validation.
  • 100% focused on your project
    We take pride in the projects that we chose. We will provide you with all the guidance, expertise, support, and tools to make a successful app launch.
  • Clear design and documentation
    Designs and specifications are central in the process of creating a good software product. Good design (UI/UX) is what results in a good user experience ultimately.
  • Systematic Quality Assurance
    Every release build is submitted to the QA team for testing. If the build passes, it will be released to the customer for feedback. If not, the issues will be taken care of immediately by the development team.

5 most common software project pitfalls that we can help you avoid :


  • Unrealistic project timelines
    Having an unrealistic project timeline will result in slower delivery and project failures.
  • Inadequate planning
    Plans are worthless, but planning is everything. Not planning enough increases the risk of missing project deadlines and wasting effort.
  • Poor communication
    Not having regular checkpoints will inevitably diverge the team from the critical path and make them lose track of the objectives.
  • Ineffective project management
    Even with a good plan, lack of coordination and team coherence can quickly make the project fall behind and go wrong.
  • Lack of proper testing
    If testing is not done propertly, users will be the ones to discover bugs and have a bad experience, leading to bad reviews and users leaving your system.

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